Dance In The Light b​/​w The Red Ink

by Champion Leader



released June 23, 2011

Recorded by J. Bozeman
in Apartment 32G, New York



all rights reserved


Champion Leader Beaufort, South Carolina

Champion Leader is J Bozeman, of Luxury and They Sang As They Slew. He is an Eastern Orthodox priest. He makes music for the sake of his love of combining sounds and words. He lives in Beaufort, South Carolina, where the ocean plays a big part in inspiring his writing. ... more

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Track Name: Dance In The Light
Some people have golden tongues
I choked and I always come unbuttoned
half-lit by a desert light, a thorny tree and a pin-stripe.
Dazzle me with your long hair up
I'm not much, but I'm all I've got
I've never danced except inside
I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

We don't always get it right...
dance in the light...

Half hands raised up in the sky,
half hands held down below.
Circle the Table West to East
and make every movement flow.
Some people get smoke in their eyes as the tears begin to show.
Never danced except inside,
I'm alive…
Track Name: The Red Ink
Come on come on
I'm all done in and we know what's left
when you've lost your grip
and it wasn't much when you had it
the letter is torn in two,
but the the red ink still bleeds through.
I can read those words backwards, anyway

What are you hiding when you're lying down?

You'd share, but sharing takes the life out of you
Speak, but keep your voice down, won't you?
The neighbors are almost in here with us!
Are we borders or lovers?
It's all too much…
Time takes its toll,
a pound of flesh, but you resist.
Love takes its toll,
listen to you breathe while I can't rest.

What are you hiding when you're lying down?

Come on, come on
I'm undone and we know what's left
when I've lost my grip
and you've lost control,
just let it go, let it go!
(You're) writing Mom, but she don't know,
despite her love,
and her golden soul…

What are we hiding when we're lying down?