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grandeped One of my top picks for 2013. Love the retro vibe - its like Champion leader took all of the good of music of the year 1987 and pulled out a modern sound that is intriguing and cool. Favorite track: Teenage Apocalypse (MCMLXXXVII).


1987: The end of an era.


released November 4, 2013

Recorded by J. Bozeman at The Office (Yonkers, New York and Beaufort, South Carolina), 2012-2013
Helpful production critique: D.E. Lee Bozeman
All Songs ©2013 Champion Leader /Low Cost High Yield

Except "London"
Song written by Johnny Marr and Steven Morrissey
Publishers: MARR SONGS, Artemis Muziekuitgeverij BV
All Rights Reserved.
Rights secured through Limelight©.

And "Chrysanthemums"
Originally written by D.E. Lee Bozeman / Orient Is His Name
His version may be found here: orientishisname.com/album/hidden-mansions-ep



all rights reserved


Champion Leader Beaufort, South Carolina

Champion Leader is J Bozeman, of Luxury and They Sang As They Slew. He is an Eastern Orthodox priest. He makes music for the sake of his love of combining sounds and words. He lives in Beaufort, South Carolina, where the ocean plays a big part in inspiring his writing. ... more

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Track Name: Low Lands
I heard the Drums!
I heard those banging drums, they sound like guns,
but ev’ry bullets gone awry

I heard those drums—
those mothers’ sons—
And ev’ry song’s an empty shell beside...

(You) deny the day, (you) deny the night,
(you) deny the dark, (you) deny the light.
Nothing is as it seems, because it seems it’s
all or nothing
on those means streets in the Low Lands

The pearls have been trampled by the swine
The traitors took the front line
But all is forgiven and will be fine...
...unless you’d rather find
the Low Lands

I heard those Company men.
Those talented men, those charming men.
Big as brass, suit and tie.
I heard those Company men,
like the sad echo of that old song
that’s been sung once,
too many times

There is a SOUND:
in the ground all around coming down.
Track Name: I Love You, Jane
Oh, Jane,
Tell me another,
because between the top sheet and the other
I might smother...

Dear Jane,
What of your father?
The “noble clergyman”
is he so unknown
to seem so strange
and such a bother?

Between Pride and Sensibility
There lies a form of gentility...
...and some horrendous bore,
some awful bore!
His humble hands could never satisfy.
His black coat and too white tie:
you couldn’t ask for more, but you wanted more!

Now Jane:
I’ll cry on your shoulder,
but your corset stays leave us in a daze!

Why Jane:
I know why we bother!
For the vindicated lover
and Passion’s sweet slaughter

Wildness and Artifice
There lies the glove over the fist
And some horrendous bore,
some awful bore!
His humble hands could never satisfy.
His black coat, his too white tie:
you couldn’t ask for more, but you wanted more!

Oh Jane! I love you like no other..... author!
And, Jane! Your brilliant clichés... There’s wedding bells for every boy and girl
And, Jane, they always seem to get their man...
...but I don’t understand...
... will YOU, ever?
Track Name: No Disco
The long night comes
The day is "past"
A strange dust falls
and stays where it lands

No disco, Don't dance tonight (no dial tone on the hotline)
No disco, Don't dance tonight (lonely streets, no heartbeat)
No disco, Don't dance tonight (cities on fire, can you feel the heat?)

Was it nice?
Did anyone get hurt?
It's much too late to ask
when the bombs are bursting
in the skin of the burning earth

This "tropical breeze"
It will melt all the frozen seas
[And] send us unexpected beaches
where we will perfect our tans

And in the violet shade
ultra- and infrared rays
a never-ending summer
riding the burning waves
Track Name: The Fight (John Hughes Will Have The Last Laugh)
Sixteen Candles are burning in the summer night
Some kind of Pink is filling the sky

Cassettes all unwound, vinyl piled high
(I believe) that girl’s gonna beat those drums all night
There’s a party at Steff’s, where the preps get high
and fight, fight, fight

A bleeding wound for the bleeding hearts

Teased up hair, rat tails and dye
those ear rings were brave things at the time
Down at the Amber Light
the Kids circle round
and fight fight fight

Suburban kids and a Suburban life

A bleeding wound for the bleeding hearts

No wireless connection, no split party line
Just pastel conviction (and) Miami delight!
They’ll grow up someday, and remember the night
and the fight, the fight, the fight , the fight, the fight, the fight!
Track Name: Scientists
We are scientists
we take apart what
we think is ours
body parts and all
Just like scientists

Making love was never so
“good” as the pages in a “blue” book
They distill it all
in a modern kiss...

And if it’s love that you want, then say it
Just don’t expect too much
if you find the cost
seems far too much to pay it.

And when the pain you spread comes racing
back to your troubled heart
I won’t be far
from the room you’re pacing
there’s a gentle hand on the shoulder

And in a white lab coat
and in
a clean white room
we analyze the facts
and take the rusty axe
to the healthy limb
and call it “medicine”

A Tasteful card for the next of kin
it is pink and cool
it wishes them the best
expresses condolences
but not one word is meant...
Track Name: Beach Houses, September
So we say as we stand at the land’s end
at the water’s edge

One last time to feel
the West wind
Take your time and dine
I’ll clean up the mess

Come Up here
where the atmosphere’s
and all hearts lighten with the rest

Now undress
and redress
and come to the water’s edge

January we are born,
and we tripped and fell before we were formed
February breeze, snow up to our knees
It’s cold here, dear,
what did you guess?

Spring came and went away
You’re Bright
I’m dull
and if you want to play you want to play
You’re going to have it your own way, I guess

Your hands came and held me under
and in the water I saw my death

Your hands came and pulled me out
and in the new air I drew my very first breath

And so it was, just after the End
No one cares to remember
Like lonely Beach Houses in September
Track Name: 1987
So much to be done
the end of an era!

Can you remember the feeling?
Because I can!
Old or young,
it’s still 1987

Some things are left unspoken
Some things are the loaded gun
some things are love’s deep token
1987 is one
Track Name: Teenage Apocalypse (MCMLXXXVII)
It's 1987
I'm laying on my bedroom floor
The Choir on the tape deck…
"Sad Face"* ?
Yeah, I'm into it…

Not going out tonite
It's nothing new, but that's alright
My friends are down at the Amber Light
It's not my scene: I'm too uptight

Gather those rosebuds while ye may
Soon we'll be sleepwalking
in the bright light of the Day

Just give me distortion
i need the closure
just write me a letter
I need the clever
things that you say
in order to come up with the next line

25 years into the future
25 years away
Now we dance through the night
and we sleep all day

Some Disney girl shakes her backside
and the masses sway
What happened to our future?
Was Johnny right?
Is there no future?

Adolescent Apocalypse
no one grows old
but no one ever lives
the dead walk the earth with their plastic hips
but they can shake those hips
Can they shake those hips!

Teenage Apocalypse
Teenage Apocalypse
You can't stay "forever young"
Someday we're all gonna die
Track Name: Chrysanthemums
Is this the end, is this oblivion?
When in our hands, chrysanthemums

for it's a sign... of what's to come
The Great Divide, The Great Undone

Here I am … standing at this door
with the weight… of the world ….all gone… all gone to war
I carry it around
if you can tell
it is an art
and I do it well

And they make moving speeches: the sweetest cut is the one you are not dying for

We have to set this before our eyes
carve it into our hearts with knives, with knives, with knives, with knives!
"A third of all those, those with him fell"
I wrote it down, I underlined it… I underlined it well

And they make moving speeches: the fires rage, the angels cry and the demons roar

Where is the gospel that tells us to kill?
Where is the brother that we would send to hell?
Tear me to pieces, and I will kiss your face
Tear me to pieces, Oh, you human race

And they make moving speeches: harvest the bones in the desert on a foreign shore, the fires rage, the angels cry and the demons roar
Track Name: Into The Sea
These cars and drivers
Highways of liars
Heavenly choirs sing to me

Long days and short nights
Gonna drive until I get to the sea

Lay my head back on this cloud
I'm bound to come down
but for now, but for now, but for now
I fall back
into the sea

Read those words
Just like honey
While they rolled across my tongue

I remember them still:
"Keep your hands on the wheel,
and a prayer in your mouth

Open up you heavens
Open up and let me in
Let me see all there is to see
Glorious wonders! All Holy Glory!
Track Name: Friends and Foes
I wrote a letter
I'm afraid to send
Every word is there I swear
but tell me how the story ends?

this silver band in the lost light
day by day , night to night
I've forgotten what our love was like

All those half-truths and white lies…
Save my half-truths and white lies…
For another time...

City is calling, the night-time (is) falling
An ocean of sound once again
Friends and foes
and Villians and Heroes
Today, tomorrow, tonight and tonight

"I heard every word"
or so the letter read
no need to explain
it's only too plain:
I won't fight and you won't mend

A painful wage, not worth our time
twenty years, the decade's done
I love you, but your kiss is like a loaded gun

Are we done?
Are we done?

City is calling, the night-time (is) falling
An ocean of sound once again
Friends and foes
and Villians and Heroes
Today, tomorrow, tonight and tonight

Friends and Foes (Don't you know?)
Villians and Heroes (To have and to hold!)